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PAF GDP Test Syllabus ,PAF Test Preparation

PAF GDP Test Syllabus PAF Test Preparation

In this post you can read the information about the PAF GDP Test syllabus, PAF Commission test 2020 syllabus information, read the full post for full information of paf test preparation .

PAF Selection Procedure

  • Advertisement in leading newspapers
  • Registration
  • Intelligence Test followed by Academic Test
  • Preliminary medical examination at PAF I&S Centres
  • Filling-up of application Forms which are dispatched to GHQ for scrutiny of their previous candidature
  • ISSB tests and interview
  • Central Medical Board at PAF Masroor Karachi
  • Flying Aptitude Test of GD (P) candidates
  • Preparation of merit list by Air Headquarters
  • Issuance of joining instructions for training at PAF Academy Risalpur

PAF GDP Test Preparation ,

GDP test syllabus Pakistan Airforce Gdp Notes

Eligibility Criteria for GDP:

  • Age: 16 – 22 Years
  • Nationality: Male/ female Citizen only Pakistan
  • Marital Status: Un-married
  • Height: Minimum 5 feet 4 inches/ 163 cm
  • Training period: 3 years

GDP Test Pattern

Their test is based on MCQ’s, having verbal, nonverbal and academic part.

  • 100 Intelligence questions time allowed is 40mins.
  • 75 Physics questions time allowed is 40 minutes.
  • 75 English questions time allowed is 40 minutes.

TEST test syllabus of physics test:

  • Measurements,
  • Vectors and Equilibrium,
  • Motion and Force
  • Work
  • Power and Energy,
  • Circular Motion,
  • Fluid Dynamics,
  • Oscillations,
  • Waves,
  • Physical Optics,
  • Optical Instruments,
  • Heat and Thermodynamics,
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity,
  • Electromagnetism,
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Alternating Current,
  • Physics of Solids,
  • Electronics
  • Dawn of Modern Physics,
  • Atomic Spectra,
  • Nuclear Physics.

Reference Books : Physics Book-I & II Published by Punjab Text Book Board)

PAF Test Preparation Books:
1. GDP Book By Dogars Publishers 
2. GDP book by khokhar Publishers

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